Nominate A Veteran

    Thank you for your interest in nominating a veteran or military family for our services.  We’re proud to be the bridge between caring citizens like you, and America’s finest men and women who’ve given so much in defense of our great nation.

    With that being said, as the Founder of, I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to us that we protect the privacy and dignity of our injured veterans and grieving families.  If you’re nominating someone you know, please insure that they wouldn’t take offense to any offers we might make.  There sometimes exists a fine line between showing you care, and violating someone’s right to privacy.  Some families would rather we didn’t get involved, and we respect that.

    While we consider every nomination that’s made, we encourage veterans and their families to nominate each other.  Most of our nominations come from those who know the veteran or family best; usually a spouse, their children, or a close family friend.  And nominations for financial grants need not be made by a third party: military families are more than welcome to nominate themselves.

    As you’ll see with the nomination process, very little personal information is required.  Our staff will verify the nomination and take care of the details.  Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee your nominee will be a recipient for our services.

    Jeffrey W. Jones, Founder